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Articles about billing and accounts.

Account Contacts

Here's a rundown of the different types of contacts that may be authorised on an iiNet account, and what they're authorised to do.

Additional iiNet Email Addresses

How to make or remove an iiNet mailbox, allowing you to have an email address that ends with the “” domain.

All About Data Packs

Answers to some common questions about Data Packs for iiNet broadband.

All about Quota and Shaping

Answers to some common questions about the shaping process used for iiNet broadband services.

All about usernames

Everything you need to know about iiNet usernames including what they look like, where to find them, and how they're used.

Change your password in Toolbox

How to change your password(s) in Toolbox. You can use your username and password to log in to Toolbox and Webmail. A broadband service username and password can also be used in your modem settings to get online, and during a 9-Point ID check if you call our Support Team.

Changing your internet plan in Toolbox

This article will show you how to upgrade or downgrade the plan for one of your existing broadband services in Toolbox.

Checking your data usage in Toolbox

How to check the data usage of your broadband service in Toolbox.

Closing an Adam account or changing account ownership

This article will offer some important advice about closing an Adam account or changing the account owner. Now that the Adam Internet brand has closed, it's important to note that all remaining Adam services are taken care of by the parent company, iiNet. You may already have iiNet plans and products with your legacy Adam username.

Closing an iiNet account or changing account ownership

Closing an account means that you will no longer have any services with iiNet. You may choose to move your service to another provider if possible, but all other services will be cancelled. Changing account ownership means another person is agreeing to take responsibility for owning all of the iiNet services on the account and paying the invoices for the account.

Complaint Handling Policy

This article will outline our Complaint Handling Policy. While we always aim to provide you with awesome customer service, if you haven’t received the service you expected, you have the right to make a complaint.

Connect Outstanding Requirements

This article explains what's required when your order goes into Connect Outstanding, a situation where you must provide proof of occupancy to disconnect services you don't own at your premises.

Consequences of Restriction, Suspension or Disconnection

This article provides information about the consequences if we, the iiNet Group (including iiNet, Westnet, Internode, TransACT, and Adam Internet), exercise our right to restrict, suspend or disconnect one or more of your services for credit or debt management reasons.

Credit Information Management Policy

The personal information that we collect, disclose, hold and use in accordance with our Privacy Policy includes credit-related personal information about you (credit information). In this policy, we set out how your credit information is specifically managed by us.

Credits and Refunds Explained

The difference between a credit and a refund and how they're used at iiNet.

Dual Account Customer FAQ

This article will help iiNet customers who have services across two billing systems understand the differences between their two iiNet accounts and how they can manage their services. We call these customers 'dual account' customers.

Freezone FAQ

The Freezone is a selection of online sites and servers that customers can use without traffic counting towards their monthly quota. Better yet, if you do max out your monthly quota and get shaped, sites in the Freezone can still be accessed at full speed.

How to Lodge a Statutory Declaration Form

Here's how to lodge a Statutory Declaration (stat dec) which may be required in certain situations regarding the provisioning or ownership of your iiNet account.

How to pay or extend an invoice in Toolbox

How to pay your outstanding invoice through Toolbox using a credit card, or request a 7-day extension.

How to retrieve a forgotten password

If you've forgotten your iiNet password, don't panic! Here's what you can do to retrieve it.

How to unsuspend iiNet services

This article will explain how to unsuspend your iiNet services. We will always notify you about iiNet service suspensions, which will include an explanation of what has happened and what you can do to prevent suspension or unsuspend your iiNet services.

How to view PDF files

How to safely download Adobe Reader for various Operating Systems, allowing you to view PDF files such as your monthly iiNet invoice. The software is free to download.

iiNet Mobile Billing Explained

Answers to some common questions about the way that iiNet Mobile services are billed.

iiNet on Twitter

Everyone who's licensed to tweet on iiNet's behalf. On occasion we may ask you to email us in order to assist you - these requests may come from the @iiNet account or one of the authorised representatives listed here.

iiNet Team SMS numbers

The iiNet Team sends legitimate SMS messages from the mobile number +61 416 906 032 (0416 906 032). If you receive an SMS from this mobile number requesting a reply to confirm details about your iiNet order, please reply promptly to avoid delays.

iNet Ltd billing queries

We occasionally get mistaken for iNet Ltd, another ISP with a similar name. We are unable to assist iNet Ltd customers with their iNet billing queries as we are not the same company.

Introduction to Toolbox

Introducing the basic layout of Toolbox, showing you how to get around and make the most out of managing your account.

Obtaining your call history

How to view your call history for your phone services in Toolbox. This includes Home Phone, Netphone (VoIP) and mobile phone.

Password Policy

To keep your account safe, we have a set of rules for all iiNet passwords to make them harder for others to guess.

Relocations FAQ

If you're moving house, don't forget to bring your broadband! Here's some stuff you need to know about relocating your iiNet services.

Rescheduling your NBN connection in Toolbox

This article will show you how to request a new date for your NBN™ connection appointment. You may need to reschedule in circumstances such as when you are not able to be present for an appointment which requires a technician to visit your home.

Scam emails and phishing

'Phishing' is the term for practices used to get your private information such as passwords or credit card details. Scammers use this information to commit fraud and other illegal acts.

Set up iiNet email forwarding

This article will show you how to set up automatic email forwarding for an iiNet email address in Toolbox. It is not possible to change your mail forwarding settings in iiNet Webmail; it must be done in Toolbox.

Understanding Invoice Alignments

We offer a wide range of products and some of them have different ways of being billed, so invoice alignments are often necessary when a plan is changed or a new service is added to an account.

Update payment details in Toolbox

How to update your nominated payment details in Toolbox. This is the default payment method for your iiNet invoices, which can be a credit card or a bank account.

Update your contact details in Toolbox

How to update your existing contact details or adjust your contact preferences in Toolbox. This allows you to opt in and out of different notifications such as feedback surveys, E-newsletters, customer research and information about new products.

Using Connection Manager in Toolbox

How to use the Connection Speed Manager in Toolbox to adjust the connection profile of your ADSL2+ broadband.

View correspondence history in Toolbox

This article will show you how to view your recent task history in Toolbox.

Viewing connection history in Toolbox

Here's how to check your broadband connection history in Toolbox.

Voice ID check FAQ

Answers to some common questions about the voice authentication system (Voice ID check) that iiNet launched in June 2014 as a faster, more secure alternative to the traditional 9-point ID check.

White Pages Listings FAQ

Everything you need to know about White Pages listings for iiNet phone services including Home Phone, Netphone (VoIP) and mobile phone.