Business Cloud Upgrade

This article explains the changes in the November 2016 Business Cloud upgrade.

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You'll now be able to load balance a pool of servers in Business Cloud. You can select from a variety of load balancing algorithms including round-robin, URI and Least Connected as well as define a weighted value for each member in the pool. On each Virtual machine (VM), you can define individual health-check intervals and timeouts on a port which is different from the one used by the service, to avoid any impact on the VM.

 Load Balancing - Virtual Servers

Load Balancing - Pool Members

You'll now be able to take a single snapshot of an individual virtual machine or vApp. This has numerous applications such as recovering from a critical change and reverting to a baseline configuration.

 Snapshot - Create

You now have greater control to build complex networks between your VMs (e.g. configure the edge gateway with firewall rules to handle one group of VMs behind an internet facing DMZ and another group configured with a private network)

Other notable networking related improvements are:

  • The DHCP service provided now enables multiple IP address ranges to be assigned 
  • VPN now supports AES-256 encryption and
  • Firewall rules can now be enabled on an individual IP, a range or IPs or a CIDR block. 

 Edge Gateway - Firewall


Edge Gateway - SNAT Rules


 Edge Gateway - DNAT Rules