Changing the email address of a Hosted Exchange mailbox

This article will show you how to change the email address for your Hosted Exchange mailbox.

Sometimes you may wish to set a different “From” email address to the default address for a mailbox. It may be that you want replies to go to a different address, or you want to change the primary email address associated with a mailbox (effectively renaming that mailbox).

Changing your Hosted Exchange email address

  1. Log in to the Hosting Control Panel and select your Hosted Exchange subscription from the drop-down box at the top right.
  2. Click on Exchange, select the Mailboxes tab and then click on the Display name of the mailbox you wish to edit.


  3. Select the E-mail addresses tab and then click Change.


  4. Select the type of email address you wish to set as the primary.

    If you wish to set the primary email address to one that is already associated with that mailbox (i.e. an alias) select E-mail address and click Next.

    If you wish to choose a custom e-mail address (e.g. one not associated with your domain or this mailbox) select Custom e-mail address and click Next.


  5. Click Set as primary e-mail address next to the address you wish to set as primary. If you wish to change the login for the mailbox to match tick the Synchronize Service User's login with primary e-mail address checkbox. Click Finish.