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Connect Outstanding FAQ

This article will explain what happens when a service application (or relocation) goes into “Connect Outstanding” and what needs to be done to proceed with connecting your services.

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What is Connect Outstanding?

Connect Outstanding occurs when you attempt to get a Home Phone or any kind of broadband service connected at a property, but there is already an active landline phone service (that is not owned by you) at that address. It may occur when:

  • You move into a rental or recently purchased property where the previous tenant/owner did not cancel or relocate their phone service.
  • Your application was lodged and the cancellation or relocation order for the previous tenant/owner’s phone service has not yet completed.

Why does Connect Outstanding delay my connection?

The service must be removed from your phone line, but because you are not the legal lessee of the active phone service, you don’t have the authority to cancel or relocate it without proving that you’re the new occupant of the property. The delay is due to the time spent getting the phone service removed from the line in a legal manner.

How will I know my application has gone into Connect Outstanding?

After lodging your application to our wholesaler, we are typically notified within 48 hours if it has gone into Connect Outstanding. A member of our team will always contact you to explain the situation if this occurs.

How can I get the phone service removed from the line?

  1. Contact your landlord or real estate agent for help getting in touch with the previous tenant or owner.
  2. The previous tenant or owner will have the authority to cancel or relocate the service, or they may be able to confirm that they have already arranged this and the phone line should be free in a few working days.
  3. If you’re unable to contact the previous tenant or owner, you’ll need to supply us with Proof of Occupancy documents and your application reference number via email ( or fax (08 9214 2295).

Which documents can I use for Proof of Occupancy?

Proof of Occupancy documents must show your name and address. You may supply any of the following documents:

  • Lease or tenancy agreement
  • Title deed
  • Utility bill (this must show the supply address - a postal address cannot be accepted)
  • Letter from the real estate agent (must be on a letterhead)
  • Statutory declaration

How long will it take to remove the phone service after I supply my documents?

Once we have sent your Proof of Occupancy documents to the provider of the phone service, we must allow that provider 2 business days to attempt to contact their customer. If they have no response on the third business day, then they must cancel the phone service at the address.

From that point onwards, the usual timeframes for your service connection (or relocation) apply.

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