Hosted Exchange how to send and receive SMS

In order to send and receive text messages via the iiNet Hosted SMS add-on for Hosted Exchange, you will need:

  • A Hosted Exchange account
  • A mail client (such as Outlook, Outook Web Access, or a third party client) configured to send and receive emails via the Hosted Exchange servers
  • The Hosted SMS add-on activated for your account (you may need to call us on 13 86 89 to have it activated)

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Sending a text message via Hosted SMS is very similar to sending an email. Simply compose an email, and set the TO address to the number you want to message, at the domain. For example, to message 0411 000 321, you would send an email to "".

The message will be sent, including your email address, subject (if included) and the text of the email. Note that if the total length of the SMS exceeds 160 characters it will be transmitted as a multi-part SMS, and you will be billed for multiple SMSes, so it is important to consider the length of messages.

You can also multiple people at the same time - either by adding each of their numbers in individually, or by creating a "Contact Group" in your address book with the various email addresses.

Note: When the end user receives the text message, it will come from a pool of numbers that are assigned to the Hosted SMS service. The system has built-in intelligence that means if a user sends a response back to that number, it will be delivered back to your email inbox. However, if a different phone tries to message that same number, it will not be sent to you - replies can only come from users you have messaged.


If you have installed the OMS plug-in for Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010, you can also click on "New Items" and select "Text Message (SMS)". If you did not install the OMS plug-in, the link to install it is in the Hosted SMS activation email you receved from iiNet.

When using this interface it is not neccessary to append to your messages - just type one or more phone numbers in the "To" field, add your message and press "Send". 


Once you have sent a message using Hosted SMS, the receipient can respond on their handset simply by replying as they would usually to a text message, and the reply will be delivered into your inbox. If you hit reply to that email, your response will then be sent to back to the handset, allowing two way conversation.

Note that the format of the sender's phone number may be different as it may be presented in international format (e.g. may appear as However you can still just hit reply to this message and it will be correctly delivered to the handset of the user.


SMS usage is reported on the main page of your Hosting Control Panel. This usage will reset monthly on your billing date.