Hosted Lync Adding a Delegate

This article will show you how to add a user as a Delegate for your Lync account. Delegates are useful for situations where you'd like to allow your administrative staff to answer and place calls on your behalf. 

Adding a Delegate in Lync

  1. In your Lync desktop client, click the gear icon (not the down arrow next to it).

    Gear Icon

  2. Select Call Forwarding from the left-hand list and then click Edit my delegate members.

    Delegate Main

  3. Click Add... to choose your delegate(s) from your contacts, and then click OK to save your settings.

    Please note: Only Lync 3 users may be added as delegates.

    Assign Delegates

  4. If you haven't already set up your call forwarding or simultaneous ring for your delegates, you may see a pop up window reminding you to do so.