Hosted Lync Apple iOS Settings Options

This article will explain the options available in the Lynce 2013 iOS app.

iOS Lync 2013 Settings Menu

  1. When signing in to Lync, you'll need your Hosted Lync username and the password. Make sure you enter the full email address, including any "".

  2. After signing in, you'll see the following screen. Depending on your subscription and/or device, you may not have the iPhone option.

  3. Click My Info to set your status or access the Options button.

  1. In Options, you can customise how the application works for you. This includes options like changing the phone number associated with your Lync, or making/receiving calls over WiFi only.

  2. If you sign out or hit the Advanced Options from sign in page, you can update the Sign-in Address, Password and option to Save My Password. Having the Auto-Detect Server set to on is the preferred option. You can also set the defined Sign In As option to only of the following statuses:

    - Available
    - Busy
    - Do Not Disturb
    - Be Right Back
    - Appear Away
    - Off Work
    - Reset Status