Hosted Lync Desktop Client Audio Calls

This article will show you how to make Audio Calls with Lync 2013 on PC or Mac OSX.

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  1. After signing in, you'll see a strip of icons: Contacts, Conversations, Phone and Meetings.

  2. To make an Audio Call, select the Phone option. This will bring up a number pad where you can either search for existing contacts, or dial a number.

    Tip: Assuming your Num Lock key is on, you can also use your keyboard to quickly punch in a number.

  1. Press Enter or click the Call button to make your call. Tip: It's possible the add a new contact for the number you dial.
  2. Once a call is placed, a separate pop-up  window will appear with a row of icons along the bottom, allowing you to select from the following action items during the call: Messages, Dial Options, Video, Sharing and Participants.

    Additionally, note the red Hang Up icon in the top right (or use CTRL+ENTER).


  3. During a call, you can simply use your keyboard for any number selections (such as when navigating an IVR menu) or you can select the Dial Options to bring up a virtual keyboard.

  4. From within Dial Options you can select Mute or Hold Call. A call that is on hold will appear as below - click Resume Call or hit CTRL+SHIFT+H on your keyboard to resume the call.

  5. Dial Options also includes your Transfer Call options. You can choose to transfer a call to an existing contact, or select "Another Person or Number" to manually enter a phone number.


  1. After signing in, you can search fro an existing contact or dial a number by entering it in the Search bar.
  2. Press Enter on your keyboard to place the call. Once you are in a calling mode, you'll see a popup window with a strip of icons along the bottom, including Hang up, Put call on Hold, Virtual Keypad, Transfer Call and Mute call.
  1. When transferring a call, you can send the call to an existing contact or select Other Person or Number to enter a phone number manually.

  2. Placing a call on Hold is done by clicking the Pause icon from the bottom row of icons. Click the Resume button to return to the call.