Hosted Lync Mac Desktop Install

This article will show you how to install or remove the Hosted Lync desktop client for Mac OSX.

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  1. Lync for Mac is included with every purchase of Office for Mac Standard 2011. If you removed the application from the install, please download Update from Lync for Mac 2011 which will download the application.

  2. Once successfully downloaded, open the .dmg file to begin the install process.

  3. Once the installer is open, double click the Lync Installer icon.

    Please note: You may need to log into an Administrator account on your Mac before you may install software.

  4. Read the Software License Agreement and click Continue to accept.

  5. Select the location for the installing files. This is typically the Applications folder in the Macintosh HD. Please consult with your IT department should this not be the case.
  6. Wait for the installation process to finish - this may take a minute or so. You may need to close down other Microsoft applications to complete the installation.
  7. After a successful installation, a new icon will appear in your dock. Click it to launch the newly installed Lync for Mac.
  8. Log in with your Hosted Lync account Email Address and Password. Leave the other settings as the defaults.
  9. The screen will refresh when your login is successful. You are now up and running on your Hosted Lync account.


  1. Locate the Applications folder on your Mac.
  2. Locate the Lync 2013 in the list. 
  3. Right click and choose Move to Trash, or drag the file to the Trash icon. 
  4. This will also remove the Lync for Mac icon from the dock.