Hosted Lync Recording Meetings

This article will show you how to record your Lync conferences.

Please note: To record conferences, you must have the full Lync client installed instead of simply using the web app. Additionally, recording will only work for actual conferences, not merely chats or video sessions with multiple parties added.

Recording Lync Meetings

  1. To start an adhoc conference, open the Lync client and click the down arrow next to the gear icon. Select Meet Now.


  2. This will open a Conversation window for the conference. Click the three dots icon in the bottom right-hand corner and select Start Recording.

  3. Once the recording has started, you'll see some recording controls (pause and stop) at the bottom of the Conversation window.

  4. Click the stop button to stop recording. You'll see a notification on your task bar to let you know this action was successful.


  5. To access your recordings, click the up arrow on your task tray and open the Recording Manager.


  6. You can choose to Play your recording straight from the Recording Manager, or select Browse to open the recording's file location in your File Explorer. This will allow you to save it to a different location or send it to others to listen to.