Hosted Lync Scheduling a Lync Meeting using Outlook 2010

 This article will show you how to schedule a Lync meeting using Outlook 2010.

Scheduling a Lync Meeting using Outlook 2010

  1. Open Outlook 2010.
  2. Click New Items in the upper left-hand corner, and then select Lync Meeting.

    Please note: if you don't see this menu item, please ensure you have installed the Lync Desktop client instead of using the web app.

    New Lync Meeting

  3. A New Meeting window will pop up with the Lync Meeting details filled out automatically. You may need to adjust the Start time and End time as needed.

    New Meeting Window

  4. Before you continue, you may wish to configure your options by clicking Meeting Options.

    Meeting Options Button

  5. In the Meeting Options window, you can adjust your options such as to use "A new meeting space" (recommended) for each online meeting, and who is admitted as a Presenter for the meeting.
    Meeting Options
  6. To configure the default phone number that appears for your meeting participants to dial in to the conference call, select Phone from the left-hand list and then choose the location most participants will be calling in from. Click Remember settings to save your changes.

    Default Conference Dial In Number

  7. Enter the recipients of the meeting invite in the To field, and add a title for the meeting in the Subject line. You may also wish to click the Recurrence button to set a recurring meeting.
  8. Click Send to finish, just as you would when composing a new email message.

    Final Screen