Hosted Lync Windows Mobile Settings Options

This article will show you how to customise the settings in Lync 2013 on a Windows Mobile Phone.

Lync 2013 Settings in Windows Mobile

  1. Once you've signed in to Lync, you'll find a cluster of 3 dots in the bottom pane, next to the keypad and search icon. Tap this icon and then select Settings.

  2. The Settings menu will open. We recommend the default settings for our Hosted Lync customers, however you may want to require WiFi for certain functions to avoid using your mobile broadband quota. You can also change the phone number associated with your Hosted Lync account.

  3. Swipe either left or right to locate the About section of the application. Here, you'll find the Help option and the version of the Lync app.

  1. On the Sign In page, you can choose to Save Password, or Show Advanced Options.

  2. In advanced options, enabling Auto-Detect Server is recommended. You can also set the Sign In As option here, choosing from the following statuses:

    - Available
    - Busy
    - Do Not Disturb
    - Be Right Back
    - Appear Away
    - Off Work
    - Reset Status