Saving and backing up your Business Cloud

This article will explain how to back up and save your data in Business Cloud.

Please note that Business Cloud backups are the user's responsibility, and loss of data will not be supported by our Hosting Support Team.

While on vCloud Director 1.5, there's no integrated feature for creating a snapshot or a restore points, you can copy a virtual machine to save it with the current configuration, or you can copy the entire vApp and save it to the catalog. Be aware that copied VMs and vApps count towards your Business Cloud plan's included resources.

On the newer vCloud Director 5.1, you can still use the catalog or the VM-copying feature, as well as add a snapshot of each virtual machine or whole vApp. It's highly recommended to use this feature before performing major configuration changes.

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On vCloud Director 1.5, you can create a copy of a VM and store the extra copy in the current vApp, or any other.

  1. Navigate to My Cloud > vApps.
  2. Select the vApp that contains the VM you want to copy.
  3. Move to the second tab, Virtual Machines.
  4. Select the wanted VM and right-click, Power off.
  5. Once the VM is powered off, you can right-click it and click on Copy to. This step will launch the new VM setup wizard.


  7. Select the vApp to which you want to copy the virtual machine and hit Next.


  9. Choose the wanted network. i.e. External Network.
  10. Select the wanted method of IP allocation, i.e. Static - IP Pool.


  12. Confirm the details by clicking on Next and Finish. A copy of your VM will appear in the wanted vApp, and both virtual machines can be powered on now.

You can create a copy of an entire vApp and save it to the catalog. This will allow you to deploy it, with the included virtual machines, in just a few clicks.

  1. The first step involves powering off the vApp or suspending it. Click on My Cloud > vApps > select the vApp you want to save.


  3. Click on the red Stop button to power off the vApp (and the virtual machines within). A warning will appear - click OK.


  5. Click on the blue cog action button. Choose Add to catalog.


  7. Confirm the details and click on OK.


  9.  Your catalog should now include a copy (vApp Template) of the vApp.

vCloud Director 5.1 allows you to create a snapshot of a virtual machine, and restore it back to its previous state, in case something has gone wrong. You can create one snapshot per virtual machine, or per vApp.

  1.  Click on My Cloud > vApps > select the vApp from the list.


  3. To create a snapshot of the entire vApp, click on the blue cog action button. Click on Create Snapshot. The option should be available if the vApp is fully running.


  5. To create a snapshot of a single virtual machine, right-click the VM and click on Create Snapshot.


  7. Confirm the details and click OK.


  9. You can now revert back to the snapshot by right-clicking the VM and clicking on Revert to Snapshot.

If you require assistance using vCloud Director you can click Help at the top right of the vCloud Director page to access the User Help section, or contact iiNet Hosting on 1300 378 638 or