Troubleshooting Fetch Remote Control

This article will guide you through the troubleshooting to do if you have trouble using your Generation 2 Fetch remote.

For the Generation 3 remote, troubleshooting is simple: make sure the infrared sensor on your Mini or Mighty set top box is not obstructed and try replacing the 2 x AAA batteries.

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  • Set top box does not respond when you press buttons on the remote
Potential cause Try this:
Dead batteries Replace the 2 x AA batteries in the remote.
Incorrect universal codes If the remote only fails to work when you attempt to use it for your TV or DVD player, make sure you’re correctly set up the universal codes.


  1. Make sure that the infrared (IR) sensor on the front of your set top box is not obstructed.


  2. The remote may be in a different mode (i.e. TV, DVD, STB) to the one you’re trying to use. For example, if the remove is in TV mode it will not work when you try to press buttons to operate the set top box (STB).
  3. There are two types of remote sold with Gen 2 Fetch. For one type, use one of the three buttons labelled TV, STB and DVD to switch between modes. 


  4. If you have the other type of remote, use the AV button to switch between modes. Please note that on this type of remote, the button labelled “STB” is a Standby power button and will not put your remote into set top box mode.


  5. When you press any button on your remote, one of the buttons will light up. On one type of remote, one of the TV, STB or DVD buttons will light up green. 


  6. On the other type of remote, the STB (Standby) button will light up red.


  7. If no lights are flashing on your remote, please replace the 2 x AA batteries.
  8. Press any button on your remote and watch the set top box. The blue Rec/Remote light should flash on the set top box if it is receiving signals from the remote. 


  9. If the set top box is still not receiving signal from your remote, please call our Fetch Support Team on 1300 701 006 for further assistance.