APN for Mobile Services

This article will show you the settings you may need to use 3G or 4G mobile data. These settings differ depending on whether you have a Mobile Voice or a Mobile Broadband service.

Most devices never need to have these settings entered manually, but if you can't get online, please check your device's user manual, setup guide or the manufacturer's website for support information on accessing the mobile broadband settings.


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The authentication protocol is CHAP and the Access number is *99# for all providers and services listed here. However, you usually don't need to manually configure those settings - there may not even be an option to change them on your device.

The most important setting is the APN as listed below, and you may also need to enter your Mobile Broadband username and password to get online.

Provider/SIM Carrier
iiNet 4G connect
Westnet 4G connect
iiNet 3G iinet
Westnet 3G* 555a1
Adam 3G** iinet
Adam 4G connect
TransACT vfinternet.au
Internode internode

*Note for Westnet 3G: If the APN “555a1” doesn’t work for Westnet 3G, please try “splns555a1” instead, noting that the third letter of that code is a lower case “L” as in “local”.
**Note for Adam 3G: If your Adam mobile service was started before April 2014 and the APN "iinet" doesn't work for you, please try "444a1".


Please note that the data component of our Mobile Voice plans uses a different APN to our Mobile Broadband plans. Most smartphones will be able to automatically figure out your APN based on the carrier of your SIM card, and you won't need or be able to adjust this setting.

If you find you can't access mobile data, please check your phone's user manual or the manufacturer's website for support information on accessing the mobile data settings.

Provider/SIM Carrier
iiNet Mobile Voice internet
Westnet Mobile Voice internet
Adam Mobile Voice internet


Some devices require you to select a carrier from a list, and you may not see iiNet, Westnet or Adam listed amongst the providers listed. Don't worry. The wholesale provider for both our Mobile Broadband and Mobile Voice services is Optus, so that's the one you need to choose.

Note: Former TransACT and AAPT customers on legacy mobile plans may need to select "Vodafone" instead.