Assistance for those facing domestic or family violence

This article will explain how we can assist customers who are facing domestic or family violence.

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We understand that having access to communications can be vital for those who are experiencing or have been impacted by domestic or family violence. You can talk to us about how we may be able to assist you in staying connected.


If you’re the not the account owner but want to be able to keep your mobile number, we may be able to help you in some cases.

Please give us a call on 13 22 58. Our team may be able to assist by transferring your mobile number into your name.

We will need you to do the following:

  • provide us with copies of documents that can verify your identity, such a drivers licence or Medicare card;
  • provides us with supporting documents including a duly witnessed Statutory Declaration setting out you are or have been the subject of domestic or family violence and where necessary, an AVO, police report, court order or a letter from women’s shelter, financial counselor or community advocate; and
  • demonstrate that you are using a device that is associated to the relevant mobile number.

We’ll tell you how to do this. Once the above is received or established and we have verified your identity and circumstances, we will work with you to determine, where available, the most suitable process to keep your mobile number.


If you’re experiencing financial hardship due to domestic or family violence, you can speak to us about applying for financial hardship assistance. Please see our Financial Hardship Policy for more information.


If, as a result of domestic violence, you’re receiving unwelcome calls or messages via a service you have with us, we may be able to assist. For information on what to do if you’re getting unwanted phone calls to your home phone number, see our Unwanted Phone Calls page. Please be aware that you can also block the number from which the unwelcome communications originate by using to your phone's own features or by downloading an app to restrict the calls and messages you receive. If you are receiving life threatening communications, please report these to the police immediately.


If you’d like further assistance, White Ribbon lists support hotline numbers to services available to you.