BoB2 Firmware Upgrade

This article will show you how to update the firmware on BoB2.

Download the latest firmware.

Things to be aware of before performing a firmware upgrade

  • It is important you leave your BoB2 powered on during the whole process of upgrading the firmware as interruptions to the power supply of your BoB2 unit can cause damage to your unit.
  • It is highly recommended you perform firmware upgrades to BoB2 using an ethernet cable to ensure the firmware upgrade process is not disturbed by wireless drop outs.

Checking the currently installed firmware version

On the BoB2 login screen, you'll find your firmware version on the right of "4. my modem is using firmware version".

 This is an image of the BoB2 login page.

Downloading the latest firmware version

The latest version of BoB2 firmware can be found here

It is strongly recommended that you only attempt to install the latest stable release of firmware.

Please note: some customers have been having issues with firmware update downloads and updates via Mozilla Firefox. If you're experiencing difficulties please try another browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Reinstalling or upgrading to the latest firmware

  1. Download a copy of BoB2's firmware onto your computer.
  1. After logging into BoB2's settings, click "6. Handy Tools" at the top of the page and locate the "Firmware upgrade" section; click continue.
    This is an image of where the "Handy Tools" button is located.

  2. Hit the "Browse" button. Locate the BoB2 .bin firmware file and select it. Click "upgrade firmware".
    Click image for full version (965 by 313 pixels)
    This is an image of Firmware Upgrade page.
  3. Once the firmware upgrade completes, BoB2's indicator lights will return and you will be directed back to BoB2's login page. Factory reset the BoB once the firmware update completes.



  • It's important to leave the modem powered on during a firmware upgrade. Interruptions to the power supply can damage your BoB2 unit.


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