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Change your password in Toolbox

This article will show you how to change your password in Toolbox.

If you've never logged into Toolbox before, please see An Introduction to Toolbox.

If you've forgotten your password, please see How to retrieve a forgotten password.

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  • Your iiNet broadband and email services each have their own username and password (credentials) that you can use to log in to Toolbox and Webmail. They can also be used during a 9-Point ID check if you call our Support Team.
  • Your broadband credentials double as your primary Toolbox login credentials. Broadband service credentials can also be used in your modem settings to get online.
  • If you only have Mobile Voice with us, you'll have an iiNet email address that doubles as your primary Toolbox login credentials.
  • If you have any additional mailboxes on your account, please note that their credentials do not have the same account permissions as your primary Toolbox login credentials. If you use the username and password of an additional mailbox to log in to Toolbox, you won't have access to most features including invoices, payments, usage history, broadband details and account details. This allows you give an email address to kids or housemates without giving them access to change anything on your account.


  1. Log in to Toolbox with your username and current password.
  2. Select My Account from the navigation bar. If you're on a mobile device and you don't see this option, click the grey square with three lines to show the navigation menu.
  3. Select Change password from the Actions menu. If you're on a mobile device and you don't see the Actions menu, click the grey bar labelled My Account actions to show it.

    Toolbox screenshot

  4. Select the username of the service you want to give a new password from the drop-down menu in the orange header bar.
    Toolbox screenshot

  5. Type in your current password and new password into the corresponding entry boxes.

    Note: Passwords must meet the requirements in our Password Policy

    Toolbox screenshot

  6. Click Change Password to finish. 
  7. After changing your password, you may need to update your password in your email client settings, and/or in your modem settings.