Dialup numbers

This article will provide the dialup numbers for the iiNet Group. In November 2018 we introduced a brand new dialup number that all dialup services across the iiNet Group can use (excludes Internode and legacy Adam dialup services).

Our dialup number is charged at local call rates from any landline in Australia.

To connect, simply dial:

0198 333 955

If you're not sure how to dial up, our Dialup Setup Guides may help you.


Retired Dialup numbers

On 21 December 2015, we retired all previous Dialup numbers for the iiNet Group including iiNet Standard, iiNet Static IP, Westnet Standard, Tasmanian University, Tasmanian Permanent, Up'n'Away Perth and Up'n'Away Australia-wide. All of these users must now dial in with 0198 333 955.


Legacy Adam dialup customers

You'll need to dial 0198 333 008. Other Adam Internet settings can be found in this article.