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Domain Name FAQ

This article will answer some frequently asked questions about Domain names at iiNet.

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How do I register a new domain name?

If you already have a hosting account, you can register a new domain by logging in to the Hosting Control Panel and clicking on Account > Register New Domain. If you are registering an Australian domain name you will be prompted to provide additional eligibility information such as your company name and ABN/ACN.

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What do I need to register an .AU domain name?

Australian domain names (e.g.,, etc) may only be registered by an Australian person or entity. In most cases an ABN, ACN, BRN or TM Number will be required however the rules differ depending on the extension you are trying to register.

How long does it take to register a domain name?

We aim to process all new domain registrations within 1 working day.  You will receive an email confirming once the domain name has been successfully registered.  If further information is required to proceed with your application we will contact you via email.

Is there a limit to the number of domain names I can register?

No.  You can register as many domain names as you like.

Can I reserve a domain name?

No.  The only way to reserve a domain name is to register it.

What characters may a domain name contain?

Domain names may only consist of alphanumerical characters (A-Z, 0-9) and hyphens.  They may be a combination of letters, numbers and hyphens but may not begin or end with a hyphen.

Does the domain name registration include a website or email addresses?

No.  You will need to purchase web hosting or email hosting if you require a website or email address(es).


How do I manage my domain names?

You can manage your domain names via the Hosting Control Panel. Once you have logged in, click on Account > Registered Domains.

When does my domain name expire?

You can view your domain expiry date within the Hosting Control Panel. Click on Account Registered Domains. If you have a large number of domain names you can click Show search to narrow down your results.  We will send you an email 60 days before your domain is due to expire.

How do I renew my domain name?

By default we will renew your domain name automatically, however you can renew your domain name license within 90 days of the expiry date by logging in to the Hosting Control Panel and clicking Account > Registered Domains > Renew.

My domain name has expired - how do I renew it?

If your domain name has already expired, please call iiNet Hosting on 1300 378 638 to renew it. If your domain name is not renewed quickly it may be come available and be registered by another party.

How do I disable automatic renewal for my domain name?

By default, we will renew your domain name automatically. If you wish to manage your domain name renewals manually you can disable automatic renewal by logging in to the Hosting Control Panel, going to Account > Registered Domains, selecting your domain and clicking the Turn Off AutoRenew option button.

Please note: by disabling automatic renewal, you are assuming responsibility to renew your domain name. Failure to renew your domain name before its expiry date will cause it to stop working.

How do I update my domain name servers?

Log in to the Hosting Control Panel and go to Account > Registered Domains. Click on the domain name you wish to update and then click Manage Nameservers. Enter the name servers you require and then click Update Name Server.

Can I update the name servers for all of my domain names at once?

Yes.  Login to the Hosting Control Panel and then click Account > Registered Domains > Bulk Update DNS.

How do I create new name servers under my domain name?

Please email quoting your domain name, as well as the new name servers and their IP addresses, and we will contact you to create the servers.

How do I update the contact details on my domain name?

The contact details on your domain registration are represented by the "Admins" within the Hosting Control Panel. To add a new admin or edit your existing user, click on Account > Admins > Add New Admin. You can then update your domain to use these details by going to Account > Registered Domains > > Manage Contacts. Click the magnifying glass next to the contact you wish to change, select the appropriate contact and then click Update Contacts.

I tried to update my domain name but received an error – what do I do?

Sometimes if you have transferred your domain to us from another provider the Control Panel will not be synchronised with the domain registry, preventing you from making changes to the domain via the Control Panel. If this happens please contact us and we will make the changes for you manually.

How do I cancel my domain?

You can request cancellation of your domain name via the Hosting Control Panel. Click on Account > Registered Domains > select the domain you wish to cancel > Cancel Domain. Alternatively, you can email regarding your domain cancellation.

How do I modify my DNS records?

Your DNS records can be modified via the Hosting Control Panel. Select All Domains from the drop-down menu at the top right, click on Hosted Domains > > DNS > DNS Records.

How do I setup domain parking?

iiNet domain registrations include free parking. Parking can be enabled via the Hosting Control Panel under Home > Hosted Domains > Add Hosting (located in the Web Hosting section toward the bottom of the page). Select Parking and then click Next and Finish.

How do I forward my domain name to an existing website address?

iiNet domain registrations include free forwarding. Forwarding can be configured via the Hosting Control Panel under Home > Hosted Domains > your domain > Add Hosting (located in the Web Hosting section toward the bottom of the page). Select either Standard or Frame Forwarding and click Next. Enter the URL you wish to forward to and click Next and then Finish.

Please note: Standard Forwarding is where the address changes in the address bar. Frame Forwarding (sometimes referred to as ‘domain cloaking’) will mask the actual URL in the address bar and will instead just show your domain name.

Who are Connect West?

Connect West are our accredited Australian domain registrar. They are a wholly-owned subsidiary of iiNet staffed by the same people in our iiNet Domains and Hosting Team.

Who are .auDA?

.au Domain Administration Ltd (.auDA) is the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for the .au domain space. They are responsible for developing and implementing domain name policy, accrediting and licensing domain registrars, implementing consumer safeguards and facilitating the .au Dispute Resolution Policy. Learn more.

What is a WHOIS?

WHOIS is a tool used to search the domain registry databases for information about a domain name. This tool can be used to obtain information such as the domain’s expiry date, owner and name server information.

Why can’t I access the Hosting Control Panel?

Not all hosting customers will have access to the Hosting Control Panel. You may have an older account which was provisioned on our legacy systems and unfortunately your domain and hosting will have to be managed manually, however if you only signed up recently please contact us to obtain your Control Panel login details.

Domain Transfers

How do I transfer an existing domain name to iiNet?

If you already have a hosting account you can transfer existing domain names via the Hosting Control Panel. Login and click Account > Registered Domains > Transfer Existing Domain.

You will need to provide the valid Transfer Key (also known as the Domain Password) for the domain and ensure that you have access to the contact email address on the domain.

Once your order has been processed an email will be sent to the contact email address on the domain requesting authorisation to proceed with the transfer. You MUST follow the instructions within the email to approve the transfer before we can proceed.

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How long does it take to transfer a domain?

Domain transfers can take up to 10 working days depending on the domain. You will receive a confirmation email when the transfer has been completed. If you have submitted a transfer and you have NOT received any emails within 48 hours requesting confirmation of the transfer you will need to contact us. Please ensure you have provided the correct transfer key and that the contact email address on your domain name is up to date.

Why do I get an error when I try and transfer my domain name?

Please ensure that you are providing the correct transfer key and that your domain name is not "locked" by your current registrar.  If you have done this, please contact us so we can investigate the error.

Where can I find my domain password?

If you have an Australian domain name and wish to recover your domain password, please try the .auDA password recovery tool. Alternatively, please contact us for assistance.

How do I change the ownership of my domain name?

A domain change of ownership (also known as a ‘registrant transfer’) occurs when the existing owner (registrant) transfers or sells their domain name to another eligible entity. A new license is issued to the new registrant once the change is completed and the domain name will be registered in the name of the new registrant.

To change the ownership on an Australian domain name, please complete the below form and return it to us via email to (08) 9213 1353 or This change will incur a $120.00 change of ownership fee plus the cost of a new 2 year license (e.g. $120.00 change of ownership fee + $44.00 registration).

Download the change of ownership form.

Why does a change of ownership involve a new two year license?

A change of ownership involves transferring the domain name to a different person or entity (e.g. with a different ABN or ACN), and therefore a new two year license applies.

How long does a domain change of ownership take?

Once the necessary documentation has been received it can take up to 7 days for the change of ownership to be processed and the new owner to be visible in the WHOIS database.

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