Freezone FAQ



This article will tell you everything you need to know about the iiNet Group Freezone, a selection of websites, download servers and other awesome content like videos and music that customers on eligible plans can use without it counting towards their monthly quota. Even while shaped, sites in the Freezone can still be accessed at full speed at any time of the day.

From late 2015 onwards, we started releasing plans with larger quotas and ultimately, Liimitless data! The introduction of Liimitless data makes Freezone unnecessary, so it's been phased out of our modern plan range. Check your address on our website to see if a broadband technology with Liimitless plan options is available in your area.

The following services have unmetered access to the Freezone:

Please note: If you choose to use non-iiNet DNS settings for any reason, this may stop some Freezone content from being unmetered.

  • OptiComm, Places Victoria or South Brisbane Fibre to the Home (FTTH)
  • Grandfathered NBN™ Fixed Wireless plans sold prior to 25 October 2016* (please note that these services do not have access to quota-fee Netflix or quota-free iiNet TV with Fetch)
  • Grandfathered On-net ADSL2+ plans sold prior to 7 July 2016*
  • Grandfathered Off-net ADSL1/ADSL2+ plans sold prior to 5 July 2016*
  • Grandfathered Naked DSL plans sold prior to 17 September 2015*
  • Grandfathered Business Naked DSL and ADSL2+ plans sold prior to 30 September 2015*
  • Grandfathered VDSL2 plans sold prior to 5 November 2015*
  • Grandfathered VDSL1 plans (this product is no longer sold)
  • Grandfathered NBN™ Fibre (FTTP/FTTB/FTTN) plans sold prior to 19 November 2015*
  • Grandfathered Cable (HFC) plans sold prior to 17 December 2015*

The above list includes iiNet, Westnet, and TransACT customers who have been migrated to iiNet's systems. Internode customers should visit the Internode website for unmetered content.

*All traffic is metered on plans sold after the specified dates for these services, meaning they do not have access to any quota-free Freezone content, including Netflix streaming and iiNet TV with Fetch. These new plans are designed to offer larger monthly quotas so you don't need to worry about what usage is being metered and what isn't.

Not eligible: FTTB, Satellite, NBN™ Satellite, NBN™ HFC, NBN™ FTTC, SHDSL, Mobile Voice, Mobile Broadband, WiMax and SkyData services. Any service connected to iiNet’s National WiFi. Select plans sold after dates specified in the above list.

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This FAQ covers the important eligibility and usage information for our Freezone content.

Please note that as of 1 November 2017, ABC iview was removed from the Freezone and all usage of ABC iview will count towards your quota.


Netflix is the world’s leading Internet subscription service for enjoying TV shows and movies. Members can instantly stream their favourite TV shows and movies right to their computer, TV, tablet or smartphone, and our fixed line broadband customers are all set to do it quota-free! If you're not already on board, you can sign up for a membership here.

Use of the Netflix app through a Google Chromecast should also be unmetered. 

Please note: Only video streaming is unmetered. If your service is shaped, you will still experience shaped speeds when browsing the rest of the Netflix website.


Traffic through your iiNet TV set top box is quota-free. If you’re using the Fetch TV app over an eligible broadband service’s WiFi network, that’s quota-free too (excludes mobile data).

NBN™ Fixed Wireless services do not have access to quota-fee iiNet TV content.


Only iTunes download traffic delivered by the iiNet servers is quota-free. Since we can’t guarantee if iTunes content will be delivered by iiNet servers or not, unfortunately we can’t determine which content will be counted as Freezone traffic.

Uploads to iTunes Australia are not quota-free. Additionally, our agreement with Apple doesn’t specifically cover the Mac App Store, so downloading operating system updates and other apps may be counted towards your monthly quota.


All Australian-hosted servers are quota-free for iiNet Group customers (excluding TransACT).


In partnership with Xbox (and because we love gaming) our customers can enjoy unmetered Xbox live content. This means you can download demos, grab that new DLC map pack and make sure your console software is up to date, all quota-free.

Other Xbox services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Zune video, and Foxtel content are not quota-free.

For technically-minded folk, the Xbox servers that count as Freezone content are:


You must be using iiNet's DNS servers for Xbox Live content to count as Freezone content.


iiNet provides a local mirror for a range of popular programs, utilities, game patches, Linux Distributions and much more.

The Internode Mirror is similar to the iiNet FTP server with a wide download selection including Linux Distributions, Majorgeeks, Mozilla and other open-source software.


As part of our relationship with Steam, any content downloaded via iiNet-hosted Steam servers will be counted as Freezone traffic.

If Steam switches to downloading from an alternate server (this may happen automatically), your download will count toward your normal quota. We cannot guarantee or force the use of unmetered Steam servers, so you may wish to consider the use of a third party tool such as Steam Limiter to limit the servers Steam can access.


iiNet Group websites, including our account management tools such as Toolbox and MyAccount are also counted as Freezone traffic.

Please note that iiNet Group websites may contain or link to content that is not part of the Freezone e.g. webmail attachments, YouTube videos, or content from external sources on the iiNet Customer Portal, which are not quota-free.


If you have altered the DNS settings for your connection then your Freezone usage may be metered because the alternate DNS settings may prevent our systems from correctly recognising the usage as Freezone traffic.

If you encounter this issue, please try using the automatic iiNet Group DNS settings assigned by our server.

If you are using a Macintosh computer with automatic DNS (i.e. no manual DNS listed in Network preferences), their data may be incorrectly metered as Anytime rather than Freezone. To overcome this issue, manually configure your Network preferences to iiNet DNS.


Please contact our friendly Support Team and we’ll be happy to help: