Getting your mobile handset proof of purchase from Toolbox

This article will show you how to get a proof of purchase for the mobile handset you've purchased from iiNet, whether it was purchased outright or on a payment plan.

Your Proof of Purchase contains useful details such as the handset type and IMEI. It also includes the shipping date, which you may need if you're making a claim under our General Equipment Warranty.

If you've lost the printed version that was delivered with your smartphone, you can get another through Toolbox. If you've never logged into Toolbox before, please see An Introduction to Toolbox.


  1. Log in to Toolbox and select My Products from the navigation bar. If you're on a mobile device and you don't see this option, click the grey square with three lines to show the navigation menu..
  2. Click the Mobile tab.
  3. You handset will be linked to a Mobile Voice service on your account. If you have more than one mobile number with us, you may need to select the right number from the drop-down menu in the orange header bar.

  4. Click Manage hardware in the Actions menu. If you're on a mobile device and you don't see the Actions menu, click the grey bar labelled Mobile actions to show it.
  5. Click Proof of Purchase.

  6. Click Request Proof of Purchase. Your Proof of Purchase will be sent to the email address listed for the first Billing contact on your account. If it isn't sent to the email address you were expecting, you may need to edit your Billing contacts.


If you have trouble retrieving your Proof of Purchase or you don't have access to Toolbox, please call us on 13 22 58 for a hand.