Home Phone FAQ

This article will answer some frequently asked questions you may have if you're thinking about signing up for Home Phone. If you already have a Home Phone with us, you'll find some setup and troubleshooting advice on iiHelp.

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You must have an iiNet broadband service in order to get iiNet Home Phone.


See the Critical Information Summary available here.


  • When you apply online for an iiNet broadband service, you’ll be given the option to apply for a new phone number or to switch the provider of your existing phone number to iiNet.
  • If there is not an existing phone line in place at your address, you may need to pay additional costs for a new phone line installation.
  • Existing broadband or dialup customers can apply for Home Phone at any time in their Toolbox.
  • Alternatively, please call our Sales team on 13 19 17.


As of 5 July 2016 we require customers to waive their rights under Customer Service Guarantee Standard in order to sign up for a Home Phone (PSTN) service. This CSG Waiver allows us to pass on significant cost benefits to all of our Home Phone customers. However, we still work with our wholesaler to meet the connection timeframes set out in the Customer Service Guarantee Standard. These timeframes are typically between 2-5 working days.


Not usually. If you have an optional service on your phone line that won’t work with iiNet Home Phone, you’ll need to contact your current phone provider to get them removed before you switch to iiNet.


The following services are not supported by iiNet Home Phone:

  • ATM products
  • Payphone
  • ISDN products
  • On-ramp products
  • Austpac
  • Data Access
  • Digital Data
  • Inbound
  • Frame Relay
  • Megalink
  • Mega pop
  • PAPL
  • SMS Direct Connect
  • Voice Link
  • Centel Services
  • Spectrum/Centrex group


Some phone providers absorb charges for certain features, such as MessageBank and Silent Number. iiNet does not absorb these charges, so if you switch your phone provider to iiNet you will find these features invoiced on your monthly bill.


You may upgrade to Business Phone if you have an Australian Business Number (ABN). Just give our Business Team a call on 13 86 89.