Hosted Lync Desktop Client Call Forwarding

This article will show you how to set Call Forwarding options within the desktop application for either PC or Mac version of Lync 2013.

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  1. At the bottom of the application, you can jump straight to the Call Forwarding Options. It will also show you the current state the call forwarding is in.

    There are quite a few options available. Forward Call To will pass the call directly to that nominated number, your phone wont even ring. Simultaneously Ring allows you to nominate more than 1 number. All numbers will ring at the same time and the first to pick up will be presented with the call.
  2. If you select the Call Forwarding Settings, you'll be taken directly to the more detailed call forwarding options. Note the section of "Your current call forwarding settings:" - from here, you can see a snapshot of the current settings.
  1. Here, we made a change to the Unanswered Calls which will redirect to another number after 30 seconds.

  1. Within the Lync application, you will need to locate the Preferences. This can be done via the application menu of Lync and then preferences.


  2. Select the Phone Calls option to access the Call Forwarding options.


  1. Make some changes, by either selecting a known contact or by entering in an external number as below shows.

    Note that you can now see a "Call Forwarding is on" reminder underneath your status.