Hosted Lync Inviting Users to an Adhoc Conference

 This article will show you how to start an adhoc meeting and invite others to join the meeting.

Inviting Users to an Adhoc Conference in Lync

  1. Open your Lync client.
  2. Click the down arrow next to the gear icon and then select Meet Now.

    Lync conference screenshot

  3. This will open a Conversation window. Click the three dots icon in the bottom right corner and then select Meeting Entry Info.

    Lync conference screenshot

  4. This will show details of the meeting you created, including the conference number and conference ID. 

    Lync conference screenshot

  5. Click Copy All Info and then Paste the meeting details into an email or Lync chat to send the meeting details to the people you'd like to invite to the meeting. They'll be able to use those details to dial in to your conference call.