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Hosted Lync Simultaneous Ring

This article will show you how to configure Simultaneous Ring for your Lync number. This means that when your Lync number gets an incoming call, another number or numbers will ring at the same time, and the first person to answer will receive the call.

Setting up Simultaneous Ring in Lync

  1. At the bottom of the Lync client, click Call Fowarding Settings.
    Call Forward Settings

  2. Select Simultaneously Ring. You'll have the option to call one of your delegates, My Team-Call Group or select New Number to enter a number manually.

    Simultaneously Ring

  3. If you choose New Number, enter the phone number in the popup window and click OK.

    New Number Option

  4. If you choose My Team-Call Group,  you'll then need to click Edit My Team-Call Group. You can then add contacts the to group in the pop-up window by clicking the Add... button.

    You can also choose a time to wait before other members of your team are called - for example, you want only your phone to ring for 15 seconds before other team phones ring.

    Please note: Only Lync 3 users can be added  your Team-Call Group. Each user must have signed in to their desktop client before they can be added to a team group.

    Add Delegates

  5. If you choose My Delegates, you'll need to click Edit My Delegate Members to select from your existing list of delegates. Learn how to add a delegate.

    You can also choose a time to wait before your delegates are called - for example, you want only your phone to ring for 10 seconds before also ringing your delegate(s).


  6. Once you're happy with your selection, click OK to save your settings. 


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