Importing Hosted Exchange mailboxes via CSV file

This article will show you how to use the iiNet Hosting Control Panel to create several Hosted Exchange mailboxes at once by importing them in bulk from a CSV file.

  1. Log in to the Hosting Control Panel.
  2. Select Exchange from the menu at the top and then click Import Mailboxes.

    Hosting Control Panel import screenshot

  3. Download the sample CSV file using the Download link on this screen.
  4. Modify the fields as required using a CSV editor such as Microsoft Excel (ensure you specify a valid mailbox template i.e. Advanced, Premium, etc.) then upload the mailboxes CSV file and click Next.

    Hosting Control Panel import screenshot

  5. Example of template:
  6. CSV screenshot

  7. Review the mailboxes. The control panel will attempt to validate the data and inform you of any discrepancies. You can choose to ignore these or you can edit the CSV file by selecting Back and re-uploading.

    Hosting Control Panel import screenshot

  8. Once you are happy, click Finish and then Close.