SIM Card errors and finding your PUK code

This article will run you through the troubleshooting for SIM card errors that may occur with your iiNet Mobile Voice service.


  • You can’t use your Mobile Voice Service because your SIM card is not recognised by your mobile handset
  • You see one of the following error messages on your handset display: No SIM Card, Insert SIM, Bad card, Blocked, SIM Blocked, Wrong SIM, SIM restricted, Error Foreign SIM, SIM Card Rejected, or Contact Service Provider

Things to check first

Potential cause
Try this:
Locked handset If you purchased your handset second-hand or from a non-Optus carrier (e.g. Telstra, Vodafone) check that it’s not locked to a specific mobile provider. If this is the case, you’ll need to get it unlocked before the handset will recognise your iiNet SIM card.
Note: All handsets previously sold by iiNet are unlocked.



  1. Turn off your mobile handset, and remove the SIM card. Wait two minutes and then put the SIM card back in. Turn your handset back on and allow it to reboot.
  2. If possible, try inserting your SIM card into a different, compatible handset. If the SIM card works in one handset but not the other, then there may be a fault with the original mobile handset.
  3. If you see an error message like “Blocked” or “SIM Blocked”, you’ll need your PUK (PIN unlocking key) to unlock your SIM and/or handset. This can happen if your handset PIN is entered incorrectly too many times.
  4. To get your PUK, log in to Toolbox, select My Products and then Mobile.
  5. If you have multiple mobile numbers with iiNet, you may need to select the right number from the Product drop-down menu on the top-right.
  6. Click Show PUK in the left-hand column. You’ll find your PUK code listed on this page and you can enter it on your mobile handset.

    PUK code retrieval screenshot

  7. If you see an error message like “SIM Card Rejected”, this means that a PUK has been entered incorrectly more than 10 times, and the SIM card has been wiped.
  8. Wiped SIM cards cannot be recovered. If your SIM card has been wiped, you’ll need to purchase a replacement SIM card by calling us on 13 22 58. A SIM replacement fee of $10 will apply.
  9. If your SIM card doesn’t work in both handsets or you still see a SIM card error, please call us on 13 22 58 for further assistance.