Sharing Contacts with Hosted Exchange and Outlook

This article will show you how to share contacts with other people in your organisation using Hosted Exchange and Microsoft Outlook.

Sharing your contacts

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and connect to your Exchange account.
  2. Click on Contacts and then select Folder and Share Contacts from the menu bar.


  3. A sharing invitation will appear. Use the To... button to select other Exchange users from your Global Address List then click OK.


  4. Click the Send button. A button may appear asking you to confirm if you wish to share the calendar; click Yes.
  5. The user(s) you invited will now receive an email that will inform them that they can view your calendar. They can click on Open this Contacts folder to view your calendar items.


Viewing shared contacts

To view the contacts of another user on your domain, the user must have set up their contacts to share with you first (following the steps above). Once you have accepted the sharing invitation request you will be able to view their contacts by following the steps below.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2010 and connect to your Exchange account.
  2. If you have just received a contact sharing invitation, open the invitation email and then click Open this Contacts folder.


  3. To view shared contacts at a later date click on Contacts (bottom-left) and then Open Shared Contacts.


  4. A window will appear. Type the name of the user's contacts which you want to view or select it from the Address List by clicking Name... then click OK.


  5. Assuming you have been given permission you will be able to view the other user's contacts.