Troubleshooting Mobile Voice for No coverage

This article will run you through the troubleshooting for an iiNet Mobile Voice service that has no signal.

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  • Your mobile handset display shows no signal.
  • You can’t use your mobile handset for calls, SMS/MMS or data.
  • You may see one of the following error messages on the handset display: Emergency calls only, 112 Only, Call Failed, No Network, No Service or Select Network.
Potential cause
Try this:
Outside coverage area If you only experience coverage issues in an area where you've never had coverage before, you may be outside of the network coverage area.
Network Outage iiNet Mobile operates on the Optus network. You can visit the Optus coverage website and click the "Outages" tab at the top right of the map to see if there are any outages in your area.
Location preventing signal Certain locations may prevent a mobile signal, such as basements, underground tunnels, or large shopping centres. Check your signal outside or above ground level.
2G Coverage unavailable The Optus 2G network shut down in 2017 (on 3 April 2017 in WA and NT and on 1 August 2017 in QLD, VIC, NSW, SA and the ACT). If your mobile handset only supports 2G coverage, you'll need to purchase a 3G/4G handset.


  1. Power cycle your mobile handset by turning it off for two minutes and then turning it on again. Wait for the handset to reboot, and then check your signal strength and attempt to make a call.
  2. If you see an error message along the lines of No Network, No Service or Select Network on your handset display, then you may need to manually select your network (carrier) in your handset settings.
  3. Remove your Mobile Voice SIM card and insert it into a different compatible mobile handset, and then attempt to make a call.
  4. If you can make a call when your SIM card is inserted into one handset but not the other, then there may be incorrect settings or a fault with the original mobile handset.
  5. If you have no mobile coverage with your SIM card in either handset, then there may be a fault with your SIM card. Please call us on 13 22 58  for further assistance.