Troubleshooting NBN FTTB/FTTN for No Connection

Please follow the steps below and proceed to next step if the issue persists.


Step 1) Ensure your modem is connected correctly

  • Visit our setup video here.
  • Check the telephone socket for any damage and to make sure the phone cable is securely connected.

NBN FTTB/N Plugin diagram


Step 2) Check modem lights

  • Turn off your modem and leave it off for at least 20 seconds.
  • Turn your modem back on and allow it to reboot.
  • Wait 2 minutes for it to reconnect then attempt to view a website.
  • If the lights do not match the below then call us for help on 13 22 58.

NBN FTTB/N modem lights diagram

Step 3) Check your device (computer, laptop, phone, tablet)

  • If your device is connected via WiFi, stand next to your modem to rule out any WiFi signal issues.
  • If you lose your WiFi connection in certain parts of your home, see our guide on improving WiFi signals.
  • If you have another device such as a laptop computer or mobile phone to test that can help rule out a device problem


Step 4) Check for outages

iiNet Network status page screenshot


Step 5) Call us on 13 22 58 for further assistance