Updating Budii Handset/Tablet Firmware

This article will explain how to manually update the firmware on a Budii tablet or handset using a MicroSD card (not supplied).

Updating firmware via a MicroSD Card isn't recommended unless you are experiencing issues with upgrading OTA (Over The Air). When upgrading firmware using this method, all custom software and settings will be erased and you will need to pair the devices to the Budii modem again. Latest versions of the firmware can be downloaded here


Manually updating Budii Tablet/Handset firmware with a MicroSD card

Please note: If you own both a handset and a tablet and need to update the firmware on both device, please make sure that the Handset files are deleted from the MicroSD card before copying the tablet files to the MicroSD card (and vice versa).

  1. Extract the Zip file provided, then copy all of the following files to the root directory of the Micro SD Card;



  2. With the Handset/Tablet turned off, insert the Micro SD Card.
  3. Turn on the Handset/Tablet  and ensure you have at least 50% battery life. 
  4. You'll see the following colours on the Handset or Tablet LCD screen (in some cases you may not see B - this is normal). Wait until the LCD turns green
  5. After the LCD turns green, turn off the Handset/Tablet and remove Micro SD Card. 
  6. Tablet only: use a paperclip to gently press and hold the Reset button on the back of the handset, and then turn the tablet back on. Release the Reset button.
  7. Handset only: Turn the handset back on.
  8. Your firmware upgrade should now be complete.