Everything to do with bills and billing

Consequences of Restriction, Suspension or Disconnection

This article provides information about the consequences if we, the iiNet Group (including iiNet, Westnet, Internode, TransACT, and Adam Internet), exercise our right to restrict, suspend or disconnect one or more of your services for credit or debt management reasons.

Credit Information Management Policy

The personal information that we collect, disclose, hold and use in accordance with our Privacy Policy includes credit-related personal information about you (credit information). In this policy, we set out how your credit information is specifically managed by us.

Credits and Refunds Explained

The difference between a credit and a refund and how they're used at iiNet.

iiNet Mobile Billing Explained

Answers to some common questions about the way that iiNet Mobile services are billed.

iNet Ltd billing queries

We occasionally get mistaken for iNet Ltd, another ISP with a similar name. We are unable to assist iNet Ltd customers with their iNet billing queries as we are not the same company.

Understanding Invoice Alignments

We offer a wide range of products and some of them have different ways of being billed, so invoice alignments are often necessary when a plan is changed or a new service is added to an account.