Web Hosting

Setup and support for Web Hosting and Domains

Creating and Uploading iiNet Home Pages - Members Webspace

Legacy broadband accounts within the iiNet Group come with 1GB of free web space which you can use to make a website. This article will show you how to make yours.

Domain Name FAQ

The answers to some common questions about Domain names at iiNet.

Homepages at iiNet

All you need to know about personal home pages at iiNet.

Hosted Exchange how to send and receive SMS

How to send and receive text messages via the iiNet Hosted SMS add-on for Hosted Exchange.

Hosting Control Panel FAQ

The answers to some common questions about using the Hosting Control Panel.

Retrieving Your Details from Your Domain Name Registrar

How to access your domain password and ensure your contact details are up to date for various domain registrars. You need to do this before transferring your domain to iiNet from your current provider.