Webmail Guides

Tutorials for our very own webmail service

Adding a New Contact in Webmail

How to add a new contact to your address book in iiNet Webmail. This will let you keep track of all of the people you email regularly.

Adding a Picture to a Contact in Webmail

It always helps to put a name to a face! Here's how to add a picture to an existing contact in your iiNet Webmail address book.

iiNet Webmail Tutorial

Everything you need to know about using the various features in iiNet's Webmail client.

Organising Contacts in Webmail

If you've got more friends than you can keep track of (or you just like to keep work and play separate) here's how to organise your address book in iiNet Webmail.

Organising emails in Webmail

How to use folders to organise your emails in iiNet Webmail, and how to move emails into those folders or the Trash.

Printing emails from Webmail

How to print emails from iiNet Webmail. Don't forget to choose grayscale or black and white in your printer's properties settings to save on coloured ink.

Reading and replying to emails in Webmail

How how to read and reply to emails in iiNet Webmail. You'll be a master in no time!

Sending emails in Webmail

How to send emails in iiNet Webmail, including emails with attachments or recipients added to CC or BCC.

Using the Webmail Calendar

How to navigate and use the calendar feature in iiNet Webmail to keep track of your events.

Webmail Settings

How to view and adjust your settings in iiNet Webmail.