Setup and support for Business phone products.

BizPhone Support Resources

This article will allow you to download support resources for the iiNet BizPhone product.

Business Voice Feature Guide

How to change both standard and optional features for your Business Voice service.

Business Voice Group Administrator and Users configuration

Here's how the Group Administrator may configure users for a Business Voice service.

Business Voice Handset Support Resources

Some handy setup guides for the handsets sold with iiNet Business Voice.

Business Voice Hunt Groups

How to use the Hunt Group feature for Business Voice. Hunt Group allows pre-determined users to handle incoming calls assigned to a Hunt Group phone number.

Business Voice Set up Voice mail

How to configure and use the Voice Mail feature of Business Voice.

Business Voice Support Resources

Here's some helpful support resources for the hardware and features associated with Business Voice services.

Running a BizPhone Connection Test

This article will show you how to run a BizPhone Connection Test to confirm that your broadband connection can support BizPhone.