iiNet Soul Home Phone Migration FAQ

This article will provide further information for Soul Phone customers who are being moved across to an iiNet Soul Home Phone plan to become fully-fledged iiNet customers.

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Your phone number will stay the same. However, you may notice a difference in monthly plan and call rates. See below for more information.


Local calls 20c untimed
Standard National calls $1.98 up to 2 hours
17c/min. 44c flagfall
Standard calls to Australian Mobiles $2.48 up to 20 minutes
37c/min charged per 30 second block. 44c flagfall
International calls Variable rates per country. See here.
1300 and 13 numbers 40c untimed


Once your Soul phone service is converted to an iiNet phone service, you'll receive a final invoice from Soul and your first invoice from iiNet. After that, you'll continue to receive monthly invoices from iiNet as an iiNet customer.

Please see our invoice guide for full details on how to read your iiNet invoice.


For security reasons, any credit card details that were recorded on your Soul account could not be transferred to iiNet's billing system.

Other customers may have paid by a method (e.g. cheque) which is not supported at iiNet.

In both cases, please call us on 1300 712 583 to reach members of our friendly Support Team who can assist with safely recording your payment details.

As per the Billing Policy in our Customer Relationship Agreement, you must have valid payment details (in the form of a credit card or bank account) on file at all times. Without these payment details, your iiNet invoices will fail to debit automatically, which will result in temporary suspsension of your services.


iiNet provides email invoices free of charge. Paper invoices are available at a cost of $1.49 per invoice - this cost will be waived on your first iiNet invoice however it will apply for subsequent invoices.

If you'd like to opt out of paper invoices after moving across to iiNet, please call us on 13 22 58 or see this guide to update your billing contact preferences in Toolbox. Learn more about Toolbox.


  • For everything to do with your move from Soul across to an iiNet Soul Phone plan, please call 1300 712 583 to reach members of our team who can assist you.
  • Once you're settled in as an iiNet customer, you should call our 24/7 Support and Billing Team on 13 22 58 and they'll be happy to help.


You can manage your account online using Toolbox. To get started with Toolbox, please call us on 13 22 58 to retrieve your Toolbox login details.

Once you can log in, please see An Introduction for Toolbox, which will show you how to use Toolbox. The introduction article also links to guides on everything you can do in Toolbox, including checking your usage, reviewing your invoices and updating your iiNet account details.