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Account Contacts

This article will give you a rundown of the different types of contacts that may be authorised on an iiNet account, and what they can do.

In the iiNet group we have a number of contact types for customers usually labelled with things like ‘Billing’ or ‘Phone’ contacts. These are information entries in the iiNet system about a particular person who can be contacted and who has authority to deal with a certain kind of issue. There are four main kinds of contacts - Billing contacts, Phone contacts, Technical contacts and User contacts. Each has its own specific purpose and set of permissions which outline what the contact is permitted to do regarding the account.

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Billing Contact

A billing contact is the most common contact type on an account. A billing contact is created in order to designate who receives billing information and general information about the account – they are actually “the account holder”.

Only billing contacts can carry out tasks like the following:

  • Make changes to the account
  • Cancel the account if required (excluding Home Phone - this can only be authorised by the Phone contact)
  • Add new contacts to an account
  • Changing the name on an account
  • Setting up a relocation for an account
  • Lodge faults.
  • Viewing information about upcoming bills/invoices

A billing contact cannot:

  • Make changes to a Home Phone or VoIP service.
  • Set up a Home Phone or VoIP service on the account

Phone Contact

The Phone contact (also referred to as the Legal Lessee) is the contact that provides details about, and may make alterations to, the customer's telephone services (VoIP/Home Phone) with us. A customer may be a Billing contact, but if they wanted any telephone offering from us, they would also need to be added as a Phone contact. Without a Phone contact, it's not possible for phone services to be fully provisioned to the account, so even if the customer in charge of the phone is a Billing contact, they'd also need a Phone contact added for the phone to work properly.

Only a phone contact is able to carry out tasks such as:

  • Setting up a Home Phone (PSTN) or Netphone/iiTalk (VoIP) service on the account
  • Making changes to a Home Phone or VoIP service (adding optional services for example)
  • Cancelling the Home Phone or VoIP service
  • Lodge faults (Home Phone only)

A phone contact cannot:

  • Make changes to elements of the account that do not relate to VoIP or Home Phone (although most Phone contacts are also listed as Billing contacts).

Technical Contact

Technical contacts exist for the purpose of making technical-related changes to the account. For example, actions such as lodging faults (With the approval from the billing contact, in some circumstances, or making technical-related changes to the customer’s account would fall under the kind of actions that a technical contact can take.
They cannot change billing details about the account, or add/remove contacts from the account. They also cannot make changes to phone services or any actions that would usually be restricted to the phone user/legal lessee of the phone line.

A technical contact may:

  • Carry out troubleshooting on the service with the assistance of Support
  • Ask any technical-related questions pertaining to the service

Important: While a technical contact can lodge a fault, it is the responsibility of the billing contact to accept the Incorrect Callout Fee. The technical contact cannot do this unless they are also a billing contact.

A technical contact cannot:

  • Access billing/account related information such as passwords.
  • Approve billing of possible “Incorrect callout fee as a result from Faults”
  • Make changes to the account in any way shape or form.
  • Add, Cancel or remove any services.

User Contact (Advocate)

User contacts (also known as an Advocate) exist for customers who would like to nominate certain people to carry out troubleshooting or speaking to iiNet on the customers behalf relating to their account over the phone with an iiNet representative without necessarily adding them as a billing, phone or technical contact.

For example, if a customer has a housemate and often has to go on trips for work, they could add the housemate as a User contact. This would allow them to troubleshoot with our Support team if there were any issues with the Internet connection, without giving them access to change details on the account. A user contact doesn’t have any individual abilities that a billing, phone or technical contact would not have.

A user contact cannot:

  • Access billing/account related information such as passwords.
  • Lodge faults (Home Phone or otherwise)
  • Make changes to the account in any way shape or form.
  • Cancel or remove any services.


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