BoB™ - How to Upgrade Firmware

This article will teach you how to check and update the firmware for a BoB modem.

How to check your firmware version

Latest firmware available here.

At the login page in small print you can see the current version the modem is running

or from the status page of a logged in router.


How to upgrade the firmware

Use caution with firmware changes as normal. Make sure to use ethernet cable to connect to BoB during firmware upgrade.

To upgrade the BoB Firmware, log into the modem interface by going to

  • Click on "advanced setup"
  • Select "tools"
  • Select "Firmware upgrade"
  • select "browse" to locate where the firmware was downloaded
  • Click on "upgrade firmware"
  • IMPORTANT: don't turn off the modem while the firmware upgrade is updating
  • You will know when the upgrade is complete as all lights will come back up, you will be taken back to the login page again
  • It is recommended that you factory reset the modem after a firmware upgrade to achieve the best experience.


Recovery Mode

If a firmware upgrade goes 'bad' BoB may go into Recovery Mode and be somewhat unresponsive, try and Reset by turning the power off to BoB, hold in the reset button with a paper clip and turn the unit back on, after about 10 seconds the power light should change colour to blue. Release the reset button, your BoB should be running again.

If it still doesn't leave Recovery Mode, you can still recover the modem by means of re-installing the firmware through the recover page (Customers will need a local copy of any appropriate modem firmware on their computer).

Manually set the computer's Local Area Connection IPv4 details to the following:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Navigate to and you will be able to re-install the firmware through the Recovery interface.

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