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What is BoB2™?

Created by iiNet Labs, BoB2™ combines everything the original BoB™ was loved for - plug-'n'-play handset, sleek design and great features - with a polished finish and an eye towards the future.

Its physical form is much the same as our previous creation BoB Lite™, however it comes with a multitude of additional features, notably a built-in answering machine and its own DECT phone handset. The BoB2™ also includes parental control features, giving parents more options and control over how the Internet is used within the home.

It's also been designed to support the products of the future; BoB2™ is compatible with iiNet TV and the National Broadband Network right out of the box.

What features does BoB2™ come with?

  • ADSL2+ modem/router supporting the latest 802.11n WiFi standard
  • Polished design that complements iiNet's other hardware offerings
  • DECT handset with full colour screen and hands-free speakerphone
  • Ability to support two VoIP providers simultaneously
  • Effective parental controls
  • iiNet TV and NBN ready.

What is the warranty with BoB2™?

BoB2™ comes with a 24 month warranty. This is solely with iiNet; you will not have to deal with a separate manufacturer.

BoB2™ Rental

What is BoB2™ Rental?

BoB2™ Rental lets you to forgo an up-front hardware cost by allowing you to rent the hardware from iiNet on a 24 month agreement. This allows you to have the latest in ADSL hardware without having to own the unit outright.

Who can rent BoB2™?

BoB2™ Rental is available to all iiNet and Westnet customers who have an ADSL, Naked DSL, or Fibre internet service.

How much will BoB2™ cost to rent?

BoB2™ Rental is $9.95/month over the life of your 24 month contract with iiNet. After the agreement expires, you will continue to be billed $9.95 a month for the BoB2™ however there will be no penalties if you decide to return the unit to iiNet.

What are the benefits of renting a BoB2™?

  • Avoid up-front costs
  • New customers will also have their initial setup fee waived as part of the 24 month agreement - that's a saving of at least $79.95
  • BoB2 remains under warranty for as long as you rent it (even after the initial 24 months!).

What are the rental conditions?

  • BoB2™ Rental is only available on a 24 month contract; once the contract is finished you can continue to rent BoB2™ at $9.95/month
  • At no stage do you own a BoB2™ Rental – the unit always remains the property of iiNet
  • The contract will be specific to BoB2™ Rental, so any additional agreements you enter into will not affect the BoB2™ Rental
  • You can have one BoB2™ Rental for each broadband service on your account
  • Business customers can rent BoB2™ as long as they pay via Credit Card or Direct Debit.

Can I rent an additional handset?

Additional handsets are not available to rent, however you do have the option of purchasing them if required. Any additional handsets purchased are fully owned by you, therefore if you return the BoB2™ Rental we will be unable to take back any additional handsets purchased.


What type of wireless and Ethernet technology does BoB2™ use?

BoB2™ is using Wireless N, running on a 2.4Ghz range.  Wireless N is the fastest standard of in-home wireless available.  Similar to BoB Lite™, the indoor range is up to 70 metres and is backward compatible with Wireless 802.11b or 802.11g technology.  Wireless signal may be degraded by environmental factors such as walls, doors and other electrical devices. The Ethernet ports in the unit are 10/100 Mbps.

Does BoB2™ support NBN and Fibre?

Yes, BoB2™ is NBN and FTTH compatible.

Can I connect my landline phone and VoIP service to BoB2™ at the same time?

The BoB2™ can support VoIP and traditional landline voice services. The landline phone service can be setup as a failover option to prevent call dropouts if there is any service interruption to the VoIP service. The unit can also be set up so that it receives inbound landline phone calls.

How do I know whether I'm using my VoIP line or my landline to make calls?

Your VoIP and landline services can be configured using the BoB2™ interface so that it routes calls depending on your preferences.  By default, outgoing calls will go out over your VoIP service. If an outgoing call is about to go over your landline, you will hear a recorded announcement stating this.

Can BoB2™ be used as a NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive?

Yes, BoB2™ has a USB 2.0 port to which an external hard drive can be attached. This allows the files to be accessed over the network by any computer attached (wireless or via cable). 

BoB2™ Handset

How many BoB2™ handsets can I use?

You can register and use up to five BoB2™ handsets.  BoB2™ also has a phone port that allows you to plug in an existing wired telephone or a cordless base station, making it compatible with your existing hardware. 

Please note, while BoB2™ is enabled with DECT technology, third party DECT handsets are not supported. If you have existing handsets, plug the base station into the "phone" port on BoB2™ to make and receive calls.

What is the BoB2™ handset battery life?

Handset standby power is up to 250 hours.  The handset is rated at up to 12 hours of talk time between full charges. 

What is the handset range?

The handset range is up to 30 metres indoors and 300 metres outdoors. 

Can I sync the built-in address book to other devices?

No, at this stage you will need to manually enter in names and numbers.  This is done by using the phone handset to enter the names and contact numbers into the handset's address book.

Can I change the ringtone of an incoming call?

Yes, the handset comes with 15 ringtones which can be used to alert you of an incoming call. You can also adjust the volume of the ringtone using the handset. 

What additional features does the handset have?

Hands-free speaker phone allows you to use the handset while completing other tasks, or to enable a number of people to participate in a phone call.  The handset also has an alarm clock feature.  

BoB2™ Answering Machine

How much storage space is available on the built-in answering machine?

The answering machine can store approximately 10 minutes of recorded messages.

If I power cycle the modem, will I lose my saved messages?

No, the unit is designed to store the messages in the event of power cycle or power outage.

How do I know I have messages available to me?

There is a red indicator displaying the number of messages saved on the answering machine. If the number is flashing, new messages are available to listen to.  If the number is not flashing, no new messages have been recorded on the machine. 

Does the answering machine work with other handset units?

BoB2™ is designed to work without the attached handset.  The messages are saved onto the modem itself and are not playable via the handset.  The speaker for the answering machine is on the BoB2™ modem. 

Does the BoB2™ answering machine support remote playback?

No, you cannot hear the messages on the answering machine via the handset or from another location.  The messages can only be heard from the BoB2™ unit. 

Can I customise the message that callers hear when their call is handled by the BoB2™ answering machine?

No, the automated answering machine message cannot be customised.  The caller will hear "Hello your call can not be taken at this moment, so please leave a message after the tone.'  The ability to custom record this greeting will be considered for future versions.

How do I make the buttons visible on the answering machine?

The answering machine is a touch panel - you simply touch the front of the modem for the buttons to light up. 

Can I adjust the amount of time before the answering machine handles a call?

Yes, this is performed using the BoB2™ configuration page.  You can also adjust the maximum length of each recorded message.

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