BoB Lite™ - How to Upgrade Firmware

This article will show you how to upgrade the firmware on a BoB Lite.

BoB Lite™ will automatically update to the latest firmware available, however, if BoB Lite™ is switched off for an extended period of time during, which there is a firmware update, it may not update automatically when reconnected.

How to Upgrade Firmware

Download latest firmware here.

  1. Click on the 6th option - Handy Tools inside BoB Lite™

  2. Click 'Continue' next to 'Firmware upgrade' which will take you to the firmware upgrade page. Browse for the latest firmware which you have already downloaded then click 'Upgrade firmware'. If an error window displays 'Invalid File' try another browser such as Internet Explorer.

  • IMPORTANT: Don't turn off the modem while the firmware upgrade is updating, or it will enter Recovery Mode (or totally break!)
  • You will know when the upgrade is complete as all lights will come back on, and your browser will take you back to the login page
  • It is recommended that you factory reset the modem after a firmware upgrade to achieve the best experience.

Please note: Some customers have been having issues updating from 1300/1356 frimware versions to the latest firmware with files downloaded via Mozilla Firefox. If you're experiencing difficulties please try downloading and updating the firmware in another browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Google Chrome.

Recovery Mode

If a firmware upgrade goes 'bad' BoB Lite™ may go into Recovery Mode and not operate correctly. You will know this as every light on the modem will remain lit.

If this happens to your BoB Lite™ factory reset the unit by leaving the power on and holding in the reset button , after about 10 seconds the power light should change colour to blue. Release the reset button, your BoB Lite™ should be running again.

If it still doesn't leave Recovery Mode, you can still recover the modem by means of re-installing the firmware through the recovery page that you can access using the following instructions:

Manually set your computer's IPv4 details to the following:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Use your web browser to navigate to and you will be able to re-install the firmware.


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