iiNet Modem Resources

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Looking for help with connecting to your modem's WiFi? We've got you covered.

TG-789 Broadband Gateway

iiNet Huawei HG532d

Cable Gateway Pro

Arris CM820 Cable modem

Cisco 867VAE-W


The models below are no longer sold by the iiNet Group.

iiNet VDSL Home Gateway (Huawei HG658) - No longer sold

iiNet Home Router for nbn™ HFC (Huawei HG659) - No longer sold

TG-1 Broadband Gateway - No longer sold

NetComm NB16WV-02 - No longer sold

These guides are for the NetComm model previously sold by iiNet & Westnet. For the same model purchased elsewhere please visit the NetComm Support website

Budii Lite® - No longer sold

Budii® - No longer sold

BoB2™ - No longer sold

BoB Lite™ - No longer sold

Jiva Modem - No longer sold

NetComm NB16WV (Adam Internet) - No longer sold

BoB™ - No longer sold


Third party modems

If your modem was purchased elsewhere, please use Google search results or visit the manufacturer's website for support information.

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