Setting up VoIP - Netphone and iiTalk

This article will explain how to set up a Netphone or iiTalk VoIP service on your modem. Before you get started, make sure you have the following:

  • An active ADSL, ADSL2+ or Naked (ULL) broadband service.
  • A VoIP-enabled modem (e.g. Budii, BoB2 or BoB Lite).
  • A VoIP phone number & password from your VoIP service provider (that’s us!) These details are emailed to you once your Netphone/iiTalk application is complete.
  • If your modem doesn’t have a handset built into it, you’ll also need a standard telephone handset to plug in to your modem.

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Setting up VoIP on BoB2 or BoB Lite

1. Type into your web browser's address bar and hit the enter key on your keyboard.

2. Log in to the modem settings – the default password is “admin”.

3. On the Wizard page, find the VoIP Setting heading. Type your Netphone VoIP number (no spaces or brackets) in the box next to 4. My VoIP phone line 1 username is.

4. Type your Netphone VoIP password in the box next to 5. My VoIP phone line 1 password is. Your password is case-sensitive, so make sure to include any capital letters in your password.

5. Skip the Line 2 section, and then choose your state from the drop down menu next to 8. Select the state you are in.

6. Click the Save Settings button in the top right-hand corner of the page to finish up.

7. When the page refreshes, you should see “[VoIP Registration: Up]” next to Line 1 on the Wizard page.

Here’s a list of everything you might find on this line:

VoIP Registration Status What it means What to do
Idle No VoIP settings have been registered successfully. Re-enter your VoIP settings and save again.
Up VoIP service registered successfully. No action needed.
Initializing VoIP service is initializing, or the internet connection is down. Refresh the modem settings page after 2 minutes and confirm your internet connection is up.
Incorrect Password VoIP password entered incorrectly. Re-enter your VoIP password and save again.
Incorrect Username VoIP phone number entered incorrectly. Re-enter your VoIP phone number and save again.


Setting up VoIP on Budii

1. Type into your web browser's address bar and hit the enter key on your keyboard.

2. Log into the modem, if you haven't changed the password it will be 'admin'

3. Under 'VoIP Setting' enter your VoIP phone number (without spaces) and your VoIP password. Note: These credentials were sent to you via email and are seperate to your broadband account details. 

4. Click Save Settings at the top of the page to complete your VoIP setup.


Setting up VoIP with non-iiNet hardware

If you have an iiNet VoIP service but you’re using a VoIP-enabled modem (or VoIP ATA adapter) that wasn’t bought from us, please consult the user manual of that device to learn where you’ll need to enter the settings below.

SIP domain:
SIP server:
See “SIP servers” table below
Your VoIP phone number (no spaces or brackets)
Your VoIP password
Re-registration time interval:
300 seconds
Codec preference:
G.729, then G.711 (U-Law and/or A-Law)
Use SRV records
Display name:
Proxy IP:
See “SIP servers” table below
Registrar IP:
See “SIP servers” table below

SIP Servers
You should use your state’s SIP server address wherever your modem settings require you to enter the SIP server, Proxy IP or Registrar IP.


Port Settings
The default port is 5060. If you have a Macintosh using iChat, you’ll need to use port 5070 instead.

Further information

The Whirlpool community has compiled a further setup guide for iiNet-based VoIP services covering unsupported software and hardware. Please note, iiNet does not guarantee that information provided by the Whirlpool community is accurate or reliable.



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