IMEI Blocking for Lost or Stolen Mobile Handsets

This article will explain how to enable or disable IMEI Blocking. IMEI Blocking is a method to block use of a mobile handset that has been reported as lost or stolen by its owner.

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Number is a unique code assigned to your mobile handset. When IMEI Blocking is enabled, the handset cannot be used on any Australian network, except to call Emergency Services by dialling 112.


Enabling or disabling IMEI Blocking

  1. Please call us on 13 22 58 to request the enabling or disabling of IMEI Blocking.
  2. Only someone listed as a billing contact on the account may request the blocking or unblocking of an IMEI Number. You don't need to know your IMEI number to request blocking, but you may need it to get the handset unblocked. See the advice below.
  3. Once lodged, a request to block or unblock an IMEI Number may take up to 24 hours to complete.


Different ways to find your handset’s IMEI Number

If you've recovered your lost/stolen handset, you may need your IMEI number in order to get IMEI blocking disabled.

  • Dial *#06#
    If you call *#06# from your mobile handset, the IMEI number will display on the screen.
  • On your mobile handset
    On most handsets, you’ll find your IMEI Number underneath the back cover on a sticker with other handset details such as the serial number. You may need to eject the battery to see this sticker:

    On recent iPhone models, you’ll find the IMEI Number printed on the ejected SIM card tray: