Using Toolbox

Tutorials for our online account management tool

An Introduction to Toolbox

Introducing the basic layout of Toolbox, showing you how to get around and make the most out of managing your account.

Changing your broadband plan in Toolbox

How to change the plan for one of your existing broadband services in Toolbox, and how it will affect your quota and invoice.

Changing your Password in Toolbox

How to change your password(s) in Toolbox. You can use your username and password to log in to Toolbox and Webmail. A broadband service username and password can also be used in your modem settings to get online, and during a 9-Point ID check if you call our Support Team.

Checking your Call History in Toolbox

How to view your call history for your phone services in Toolbox. This includes Home Phone, Netphone (VoIP) and mobile phone.

Getting your mobile handset proof of purchase from Toolbox

Your Proof of Purchase contains useful details such as the handset type and IMEI. It also includes the shipping date, which you may need if you're making a claim under our General Equipment Warranty.

How to make a new email address in Toolbox

How to make or remove an iiNet mailbox, allowing you to have an email address that ends with the “” domain.

How to pay or extend an invoice in Toolbox

How to pay your outstanding invoice through Toolbox using a credit card, or request a 7-day extension.

How to update your contact details in Toolbox

How to update your existing contact details or adjust your contact preferences in Toolbox. This allows you to opt in and out of different notifications such as feedback surveys, E-newsletters, customer research and information about new products.

How to update your payment details in Toolbox

How to update your nominated payment details in Toolbox. This is the default payment method for your iiNet invoices, which can be a credit card or a bank account.

Using Connection Manager in Toolbox

How to use the Connection Speed Manager in Toolbox to adjust the connection profile of your ADSL2+ broadband.

Viewing connection history in Toolbox

Here's how to check your broadband connection history in Toolbox.

Viewing Invoices in Toolbox

How to view and download your iiNet invoices in Toolbox.

Viewing Tasks in Toolbox

Each time you talk to an iiNet Customer Service Representative over the phone or by email correspondence, they add notes to your account in the form of tasks. Here's how to view your recent task history in Toolbox.

White Pages Listings FAQ

Everything you need to know about White Pages listings for iiNet phone services including Home Phone, Netphone (VoIP) and mobile phone.