Troubleshooting FTTH for No Connection

This article will guide you through the troubleshooting for no internet connection on an iiNet FTTH service such as OptiComm or RedTrain.

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  • You can’t view websites or receive email on any computer or device connected to your home network.
  • Your FTTH Connection Box may have red or unlit lights.


Potential cause Try this:
Power supply Make sure that your FTTH Connection Box is connected to a working power supply.
Damaged or loose cables Check that all cables are in good condition and plugged in securely.
Physical setup Make sure that any computers or routers are plugged into the correct LAN port on your NBN™ Connection Box. This is the port that was activated when your equipment was installed – if you’re not sure which port this is, please call us on 13 22 58 and we'll check our records.
Incorrect advanced setup If you have an advanced setup using a network switch, this device should not be plugged directly into the LAN port on your Connection Box as it will cause connection problems. You should have a router connected directly to the Connection Box, and then plug the switch into the router.


  1. Locate your indoor FTTH equipment - this will be a Connection Box. This is most commonly installed indoors on the inside of an outer wall of the premises, sometimes in the garage.

    Note: Some older installations may have the Connection Box in an outdoors cabinet on an exterior wall of the premises.

  2. Locate the Connection Box's power button or switch, turn it off for at least 60 seconds, and then then turn it on again. Once the Connection Box has finished booting up, check to see if you can get online as the issue may have been resolved by a simple reset.
    Note: If an outdoor Connection Box has no apparent power button or switch, skip this step.
  3. Using an Ethernet cable, connect a computer directly to the active LAN port on your Connection Box to rule out any WiFi issues. In most cases, the active port on your Connection Box will be LAN 1. If a different LAN port was activated when your FTTH equipment was installed, please use that one instead.

    Note: There are different kinds of Ethernet cables. For FTTH connections, we strongly recommend Cat 6 or Cat 5e. While a Cat 5 cable will work, it won't support the speeds of your FTTH service.

  4. If you have Hub or Smart wiring in your home and you can get online when plugged directly into the Connection Box but not when plugged into any port on your Hub/Smart panel, then there may be an issue with the wiring between your Connection box and the Hub/Smart panel.
  5. If your Connection Box has no red lights, follow the steps for Finding the Default Gateway Address on Windows or Mac OSX. You can't browse to the default gateway address in the same way that you can for an ADSL modem, but you do need to confirm that your default gateway does not begin with “169.254”.
  6. If the default gateway does begin with “169.254”, you should reset your TCP/IP settings and if the issue persists, Windows users should reset their network adapter.
  7. If you still can’t get online, please call us on 13 22 58 for further assistance.