Hosted Lync

Setup and support for Hosted Lync

Hosted Lync Changing your Music on Hold

How to change your personal hold music from your Lync desktop client.

Hosted Lync Adding a Delegate

How to add a user as a Delegate for your Lync account. Delegates are useful for situations where you'd like to allow your administrative staff to answer and place calls on your behalf.

Hosted Lync Adding a Federated Account

How to Federate another Lync service (hosted or on-premise) with iiNet Hosted Lync. This allows you to use Lync to communicate with other Lync users in external companies or departments.

Hosted Lync Adding an Individual PIN

How to add a PIN to your Hosted Lync account, or change your existing PIN.

Hosted Lync Adding Hold Music for a Call Group

How to upload an audio file to be used as hold music for the primary number of your Call Group. This is also a great way to include notices or advertisements along with music while your customers are on hold.

Hosted Lync Adding Phone Numbers

How to add number blocks to your Hosting account. This will give you more phone numbers to assign to Hosted Lync accounts.

Hosted Lync Android Client Install

How to set up a Hosted Lync account on an Android iPhone. You'll need a Google Play Store account to download the client from Play Store.

Hosted Lync Apple iOS Client Install

How to set up a Hosted Lync account on an iPhone or iPad. You'll need an iTunes account to download the Lync 2013 app from App Store.

Hosted Lync Apple iOS Settings Options

This article will explain the options available in the Lynce 2013 iOS app.

Hosted Lync Call Groups After Hours Voicemail

How to configure your Hosted Lync Call Group to divert incoming calls to voicemail after business hours.

Hosted Lync Changing Password

How to change a Hosted Lync user's password in the Hosting Control Panel.

Hosted Lync Changing the Domain Name

How to change the domain name associated with a Hosted Lync user account.

Hosted Lync Creating a Call Group or IVR menu

How to configure a Call Group in Hosted Lync to manage your incoming calls. The feature allows you to divert incoming calls to appropriate team member(s) in the form of User Groups - think of it like a virtual receptionist.

Hosted Lync Creating a User

This article will show you how to create a Hosted Lync user in a few simple steps.

Hosted Lync Desk Phones

All you'll need to get started with your new Polycom VVX Desk Phone for Hosted Lync.

Hosted Lync Desktop Client Call Forwarding

How to set Call Forwarding options within the desktop application for either PC or Mac version of Lync 2013.

Hosted Lync Desktop Client Conference Call

How to make a Conference call using Lync 2013. You can also utilise video, screen sharing, and text chat to make the most of the session.

Hosted Lync DNS Records

Here's the necessary information for updating your DNS records for Hosted Lync if your domain is not hosted with iiNet.

Hosted Lync Inviting Users to an Adhoc Conference

Here's how to start a meeting out of the blue and invite others to join via Hosted Lync.

Hosted Lync Mac Desktop Install

How to install or remove the Hosted Lync desktop client for Mac OSX.

Hosted Lync Recording Meetings

This article will show you how to record your Lync conferences. To record conferences, you must have the full Lync client installed instead of simply using the web app.

Hosted Lync Removing User Groups

How to remove User Groups in Hosted Lync. User Groups (e.g. Sales Group) are sets of Lync 3 users whom calls can be directed to in a Call Group IVR menu.

Hosted Lync Simultaneous Ring

How to configure Simultaneous Ring for your Lync number. When your Lync number gets an incoming call, another number or numbers will ring at the same time, and the first person to answer will receive the call.

Hosted Lync Support Resources

A directory of resources to help you set up and configure iiNet Hosted Lync, as well as cover some basics of using Lync.

Hosted Lync Turning off Second Incoming Call sound

How to turn off the second incoming call sound. This will not affect any on-screen notifications about incoming calls.

Hosted Lync Uploading a Photo

How to upload a photo to a Lync User's profile individually.

Hosted Lync Uploading Photos in Bulk

How to upload photos in bulk to your Hosting Control Panel, allowing you to bulk assign them to the relevant Lync User profiles.

Hosted Lync Using Lync in Outlook Web Access

Here's some of the basics of using Hosted Lync with the Outlook Web App (OWA).

Hosted Lync Windows Mobile Client Install

How to set up an Hosted Lync account on an Windows Mobile Phone. You'll need to have a Microsoft Account to download the client from Windows Phone Store.

Hosted Lync Windows Mobile Settings Options

How to customise the settings in Lync 2013 on a Windows Mobile Phone.