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Troubleshoot Email

Fixing issues with your iiNet mailbox

Cannot receive email

How to fix some common causes of an iiNet email address not receiving emails, even when you know they've been sent successfully.

Cannot send email

How to fix some common causes of an iiNet email address not sending emails successfully.

Cannot send email on phone or tablet

If your device is a using a mobile broadband connection that isn't supplied by iiNet, it may be unable to send emails via iiNet's mail server. Here's how to adjust your settings to get it working.

Compromised Email Accounts

We take security very seriously. If your email service has been compromised, here's what may happen and what you can do to resolve the problem.

Receiving Spam Emails

Spam email is never fun. Here's how to block and report spam/junk emails as well as give you some tips on how to avoid getting it in the first place.

Updating Your Email Password

How to update the password for your iiNet email address in the settings of your email software (clients). You'll need to do this if you changed your email password.