Set up Home Phone

Setup and features for Home Phone

Home Phone setup and correctly filtering your hardware

Need help with those funny white boxes? Filtering is an important aspect of your broadband performance. Read on for more info on how to set them up properly.

Home Phone Standard and Optional Features

How to activate and use the standard and optional features for an iiNet Home Phone service including call forwarding, voice mail, call waiting, 3-way chat, silent number, call blocking and more.

International Dialling Codes

Here's the International Dialling codes for phone numbers that are used as a prefix when dialing TO that particular country FROM another country.

Netphone PSTN Failover on iiNet Modems

How to set up an iiNet modem that supports PSTN Failover to get it routing your Home Phone and Netphone/iiTalk (VoIP) calls through the same handset attached to the modem.