iiNet on Twitter

iiNet maintains a presence on many social media channels, including Twitter. (@iiNet).

On occasion we may ask you to email us some specific details about your account in order to assist you with a query - these requests will come from the verified @iiNet account and the email contact address is

Tweets coming from accounts other than the @iiNet account are entirely the opinion of the author and not representative of iiNet's position or beliefs. For iiNet specific queries, we recommend Tweeting at the @iiNet account for the most efficient turnaround time as many individuals use social media in their spare time and may not currently be at work.

For detailed queries, we recommend calling or emailing one of our customer service centers. If you need to make a complaint, please see our Complaint Handling Policy.

We keep a copy of your interactions with us via social media, to assist us in meeting our commitment of excellent customer service. For more information, have a read of our privacy statement.